Anonymous: "Was Logan in the book?"

Barely, he just made some skype cameos… but honestly it didn’t bother me much because we got really good Veronica-Wallace scenes also Veronica-Mac, which was one of my few criticisms of the movie – that there wasn’t enough Mac and Wallace – so that was very good imo

Anonymous: "More to the point - Lost is one of the BEST finales I've seen. It focused nearly all of it's attention on the characters, something that HIMYM could've really benefited from. Personal opinions aside, people disagree over whether a drama like Lost should've ended with such a great focus on the characters. I doubt there would've been as much controversy if a sitcom like HIMYM put it's attention on ALL of the characters and their respective arcs throughout the nine seasons."

I agree, that’s another thing about the HIMYM finale, it’s as if they forgot it was an ensemble show. By the end, I was questioning if the gang was even…. important?? This was way more of a story about the gang than how Ted still ~has the hots for Robin it was such a disservice to the characters

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cinnamon-lady24: "I also liked the ending of LOST! A lot of misunderstandings were caused by the footage of the first crash being shown during the credits (a choice made by the network), but it tied off a lot of loose ends. The finale of the X-Files was also good. Also! It should be noted that the finale of Twin Peaks was the result of an unexpected cancellation, not how the writers really wanted to end the show."

Yeah, Lost is a controversial finale but all in all it didn’t totally steer away from the characters. I’m only on S2 of TXF but I will take your word! Mm, that’s a good point about Twin Peaks.

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Anonymous: "I don't think it's fair to say that Carter and Craig messed up the finale. They've known that that was how they wanted to end the show (the scene after the one on the train platform since 2006. They shot those scenes with the kids in 2006. That finale was their vision and they've known exactly what they wanted to achieve for a while now."

I understand what you’re saying buuuuut I don’t agree, oop. Like the last message says, this may have been CC’s vision but since they’ve had this ending planned for as long as they have, they’ve failed to take into account that things change and that things did change on the show. It may have been their vision, sure, but given the mass amount of backlash the episode has received and how dissatisfied so many people are, their vision didn’t come across successfully so I think it’s fair to say that something…… went wrong.

potterlings: "The problem with this finale was that they envisioned it ever since season 2. They didn't take into account that things change. Characters change. Relationships change. Circumstances change. What was most disappointing was the fact that all the characters ended up back in square 1 where they started out in the series premier which SUCKS. Ugh I'm just so angry! At least with VMars, the series finale didn't stop us all from marathoning season 1 and 2 like mad people!"
potterlings: "IMO I think that series finales aren't meant for huge twists and turns. They're meant to honor characters, tie up loose ends, end their journeys, maybe even begin some new ones... This finale was half baked at best, and it left a lot of us wondering "then what is the point of this show?" which is not something the writers should feel proud of. I'm just so upset. I don't even think I can rewatch episodes only to know that this is how it ends.."

I completely agree with everything you said, the show is tainted in my eyes now, I feel like they abandoned their show completely with this one smh

combatbootsandnothingelse: "Just something to add to the convo going on because everyone mentions Veronica Mars - I don't really count the VM finale as a series finale because it wasn't written to be one. Rob Thomas wrote it as a way to hopefully leave people wanting more so they wouldn't cancel the show. (His reasoning being if the show was all tied up in a bow, there would be no real reason NOT to cancel it.) HIMYM was ending, and they knew it was ending, and they messed it up."

Good point! HIMYM has known this would be the final season since last season, and yep, they messed up

(messed up real bad)

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totalwarforever: "I don't get why everyone is so upset about the ending of HIMYM. Was there ever a show with a great ending? Twin Peaks sucked, Veronica Mars was kinda lame, Dexter was bad, True Detective was disappointing. And these were all shows at least a thousand times better than HIMYM (maybe except for dexter). Stop crying over stuff like this people. And please don't pretend that this show ever had a decent character development...your blog is cool. Over and out."

I’m going to try to answer this as respectfully as I can; I don’t mean to directly insult you, so if you feel I have, then I’m sorry!

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here’s how the finale really went down:

  • in his best man speech ted (finally) called barney his best friend, b/c you can have two best friends seriously, it’s very emotional
  • the gang don’t know when they’ll get to hang out again so there’s lots of hugging and shit and they spout one liners about the importance of friendship and i cry a lot
  • ted goes over to the girl with the yellow umbrella and the bass and that scene was mostly okay so it can stay EXCEPT
  • the mother’s name should Matter right b/c why keep it a secret so long if it wouldn’t sooo her name is leia, like princess leia, and it’s a beautiful counterpoint to ted/stella and it makes sense they called their son luke but didn’t go the whole hog and call the girl leia if that’s the mother’s name — ted says “i’m ted” and she says “i’m…..leia [winces a little]. like the princess, i know.” and ted falls in love on the spot (shout out to kingslayerjaime i am accepting this as canon)
  • barney and robin are in love forever and ever and they’d do anything for each other and yeah it’s hard w/ robin travelling all the time but they make it work, b/c home is wherever they’re together, and wherever the gang’s together
  • although maybe they do settle down a bit eventually, but they absolutely refuse to live in the suburbs (ted and leia try to do a whole bit where they make the suburbs sound Super Cool but they’re both such giant nerds it has the opposite effect)
  • lily definitely doesn’t have three kids, whoa, it’s hard enough juggling two kids w/ her emerging art career — she curates at an art gallery when they come back from rome, it’s pretty sweet, and eventually her own paintings start to sell
  • marshall’s life is pretty sweet idk he doesn’t like corporate law but eventually he becomes a judge and stuff yeah marshall u can stay
  • leia teaches ted what it really means to Love someone, and he realises that he was never really in love with robin, not how robin and barney were in love, but he loves leia with everything in him but in a healthy and happy way and she has to let go of max, too, and ted isn’t max but she’s starting to believe that maybe there is more than one person out there for everybody, and that maybe it;s okay to be happy — maybe she’s meant to be happy
  • leia does die b/c there were a lot of hints leading to that and it’s super sad but ted is by her side all through treatment and he can’t deal with it at all, can’t accept that he’s spent so long waiting for her only for her to be taken from him, and leia tells him about max, the other love of her life, and ted learns that even though it hurts so so much he’s so lucky to have had leia at all, his soulmate, his other half, the girl who gets his stupid fucking jokes and drives out of her way to go to roadside attractions, and sometimes it’s hard b/c it’s hard to grow old together but they grow //together// and she sings him la vie en rose and he cries
  • and when she’s dying leia takes ted’s hand and says “tell them how you met me. the long version. how robin and barney fell in love, b/c that’s where it really starts, right? tell them about my umbrella and about all the crazy stuff barney did. about marshall and lily growing up. tell them about the gang and how i somehow managed to needle my way in.” and ted starts crying (omg ted stop crying) and says, “you didn’t needle your way in, you were always part of the gang, we were just waiting for you. i was waiting for you.”
  • and ted sits penny and luke down and says “kids, this is the story of how i met your mother.”
  • and at the end luke and penny look at each other and luke says “what was that about the pineapple?” and ted says they never found out where it came from and penny says “weird, mom told us a story about a pineapple once —” (b/c you know leia is just as much of a storyteller as ted is)
  • the mother was there
  • she was the one that gave him the pineapple
  • and that kids, is the story of how i met your mother

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